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The Most Advanced Tailor Management Solution If you are looking for a perfect software for managing your clothing alterations & tailoring business, look no further!

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Order Management with Receipts.
Customers Information.
Customers Measurements Collection.
Sending SMS to Customers.
Staff Management (Salary, Bonus, Designation).
Income Management and Types (All other Income sources).
Expense Management and Category.
Office Document Management (Scaning and Storage).
Report and Graphs.

Tailor - Fashion Designer Management System is a complete solution for tailors and fashion designers. It helps to manage all orders/sales, customers, income, expenses, measurements, so you can keep things organised and get detailed report of your fashion business while you concentrate on other important things.

it allows you to keep track of customers measurements, orders and also let you send them sms when work is done as well as print receipts for them.

Integration to already existing website or building of a fresh website. Software Would be installed on computers in the office. also installed in managers and accountants ofices so they can manage operations.

Can be Installed on the internet while all computers access the portal from the internet

Can be Installed on a central computer system in the library, allowing as many other computer systems in the library as possible to access the software and database through a wired or wireless local area network. The central system will be in a secure location.


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